Christian Education for All Ages

St. Paul’s Christian Education Fall Semester begins August 27, 2017!


Join us this Fall Semester for a wonderful slate of classes!  Children’s Education continues their journey through the Episcopal understanding of the salvation story and the adults will go on deep dives of their own!

All classes start promptly at 9:45am in the Basement

Children’s Education

This Fall join your teachers as they journey through the award-winning Weaving God’s Promises curriculum!  This year will be focused on “Weaving Our Faith” and will include lessons on the story of our salvation: from the Fall of humanity to our redemption in Jesus Christ.  Children will learn that God stays with us, no matter what!


Adult Education

August 27 – October 1: (Six-Week Session) Episcopalians & the Episcopal Church Fr. Patrick will teach a class on the Episcopal expression of Christian identity.  This class is primarily intended to prepare those wishing to receive the sacrament of confirmation or reception into the Episcopal Church, but all are welcome!  We’ll get into our history, our understanding of the Bible and the tenants of Episcopal faith.

October 8 – October 29: (Four-Week Session) Spiritual Life in a Fluid and Insecure Age Spiritual expression and social expectation around religion have drastically changed since the hey-day of mainline Christianity in the 50s.  In this four-week class, Fr. Patrick will teach about how the church can remain agile in the face of shifting social norms.  Don’t miss this class!

November 12 – November 26:  (Three-Week Session) Disagreement Dialogues: Respect in Theological Tension Dillon Green, Campus Ministry Intern at K-State, will lead a conversation on the importance of conversation and respect in the midst of our divisive and stratified time.  As a class, we’ll explore strategies for conversing civilly across political and theological differences.

December 3 – December 24: Advent!  (Four-Week Session) Isaiah: Prophet of a Mighty God 75% of our Sundays in Advent include readings from Isaiah.  The prolific author of the biggest book of prophecy in the Old Testament, Isaiah, is an interesting figure who New Testament authors love to quote.  Over the course of Advent, we will dig into the Prophet, the Exile, and we’ll learn about his prophetic mission.