Christian Education for All Ages

St. Paul’s Christian Education Returns on September 18, 2016!


Join us this Fall Semester for a wonderful slate of classes!  Children’s Education returns and two great Adult Series’ offer Bible Study/History and Practical Ministry conversations!


All classes start promptly at 9:45am in the Basement


September 18 Kick-Off Party!

Join us for our first day of the Fall Semester!  Adults and Parents will see a presentation on the fall content of both adult and children’s education.  Children will join Patti Sexton and Mary Sier for a fun craft activity!  All this with cupcakes, fruit and celebration hosted by the Christian Education Team!

Children’s Education

This Fall join your teachers as they journey through the award-winning Weaving God’s Promises curriculum!  This year will be focused on “Weaving Our Faith” and will include lessons on the story of our salvation: from the Fall of humanity to our redemption in Jesus Christ.  Children will learn that God stays with us, no matter what!


Adult Education

September 25 – November 20: (Seven-Week Session) The Churches the Apostles Left Behind by Raymond Brown.

Fr. Patrick will begin the year with a major educational opportunity answering the question: “What can we understand about the early church based on the post-apostolic writings of the New Testament?”  Together, we’ll topically cover each of the early communities in their post-apostle state and discuss what their struggles can teach us today.  (Breaks on October 23 for a one-off class by Deacon Greg Doll and November 6 for All Saints’ Day baptisms.)


November 27 – December 18:  ADVENT! (Four-Week Session) Celebrating Incarnational Ministry in Manhattan!  The Season of Advent is about preparing for the coming of the Lord and is a celebration of the Incarnation of Christ.  This year we will be welcoming guests each week who do incarnational work in Manhattan through their service organizations:  Shepherd’s Crossing, The Emergency Shelter, and the Crisis Center.  Come and join us to learn about these incarnational leaders and learn how we can partner with them!