A brief history of Saint Paul's

159 years of ministry in Manhattan

  • Manhattan’s first Episcopal service was held in 1857, just three years after the city’s founding, and St. Paul’s formed in 1858 as the fourth Episcopal Church in Kansas.
  • Stone work for the building was complete by 1860, and the unfinished church was used for hay storage during the Civil War.
  • The first service was held in the finished church building in 1867;
  • Manhattan’s first pipe organ was installed in 1878;
  • a 1600-pound bell installed in 1884;
  • and the rectory (now the Encore Shop) was completed in 1909.
  • St. Paul’s expanded in 1930 to include what is now the choir and chancel, including the beautiful Christ window above the altar.
  • The 1951 flood left two feet of water in the Common Room and twenty tons of mud in the basement.
  • The Encore Shop opened its doors c. 1960 and has provided innumerable people with gently used clothing and supplies for nearly sixty years.
  • Changing times saw the first female senior warden, chalice minister, and acolyte in 1980. Deacon Charles Pearce became St. Paul’s first vocational deacon in 2000, followed by Deacon Sandra Horton-Smith in 2013.
  • Charles Pearce eventually became the Archdeacon for our diocese.
  • Fr. Patrick Funston became rector in July 2013.